studio shots

~ ~ ~ i believe everyone should make art ~ ~ ~

because it feeds the soul…

because it is fulfilling to be creative…

because it inspires others…




ink palette

printed backgrounds

yellow to green blend roll



process_backgrounds_inkingblockstartsetting up to print backgrounds

process_backgrounds_blockwppronpresspaper on inky block on press bed

process_backgrounds_manyprintedwoodgrain printed

process_backgrounds_washdryingadded acrylic wash in sky area

process_manybirds_screensetupscreen print setup

process_manybirds_dryingdrying prints

process_backgrounds_blockonpressprinting more woodgrain backgrounds

process_backgrounds_ready to printpaper on inky block on press bed

process_flowers_manybackgroundsmany colors and sizes

process_flowers_setupstacks of printed backgrounds, ready for flowers on top

process_flowers_stencilsflower stencils

process_flowers_preinkgetting inky…

process_flowers_stickystencilssticky little things

process_flowers_onpressready to print

process_flowers_manyprintedmany prints!

process_sketchbookcovers2sketchbook project

all of the extra scrap prints and newsprints go into this ongoing project

{thank you to all of my printmaking students and colleagues for your donations over the years!}

4 color stencil breakdown



happy accident!


~~~ stained paper decorative prints ~~~


One response to “studio shots

  1. Deanne Sander

    February 13, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    Hey Jennifer,
    your work is amazing! Way to go!


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