New Prints!

August 2015

beautiful bike ride in breck

“Beautiful bike ride in Breck”

9 layer hand-pulled stencil screenprint poster for Artcrank event in Breckenridge, CO

Summer 2014

Mountainscapes series: Front Range, Flat Irons, Maroon Bells

mixed media woodcut prints

stop by one of my upcoming events to view in person

Spring 2014

NEW Flowerscapes!

I love creating these little gems of cuteness and beauty.

This year, the floral imagery is inspired by a ‘Save the bees” campaign. Plant these types of flowers to help bees in their very important pollination duties… Anemone, Poppies, Crocus, Snowdrop, Hollyhock, Buttercup, and more!

Want to get one?! Check out my website or Etsy store.

Order today, as each one is unique!

2.5 x 4.5_pink anemone yellow tulip teal buttercup_cropped 2.5 x 4.5_6_pink anemone yellow tulip_cropped 2.5 x 4.5_5_purple anemone purple buttercup_cropped 2.5 x 4.5_4_purple anemone pink tulip_cropped 2.5 x 4.5_3_purple anemone pink buttercup_cropped 2.5 x 4.5_2_purple poppy pink buttercup_cropped 2.5 x 4.5_1_teal poppy ltpurple buttercup_cropped 1.75 x 8.5_7_purple anemone yellow tulip_cropped 1.75 x 8.5_6_blue anemone pink buttercup_cropped 1.75 x 8.5_5_purple anemone yellow tulip_cropped 1.75 x 8.5_4_purple anemone pink crocus_cropped 1.75 x 8.5_3_two purple anemones_cropped 1.75 x 8.5_2_pink crocus yellow tulip_cropped 1.75 x 8.5_1_two purple anemones_cropped 1.75 x 6.75_4_blue anemone pink buttercup_cropped 1.75 x 6.75_3_pink buttercup teal poppy_cropped 1.75 x 6.75_2_two purple anemones_cropped 1.75 x 6.75_1_purple anemone purple buttercup_cropped


 I have been asked to participate in several Exchange Portfolios lately.

I enjoy the process of responding to the theme, and creating new prints to trade with other artists.


in progress shot of Drops edition

Stencil screenprint, (trace monotype will be applied too)

7″ x 7″

Exchange Portfolio Theme: Green

organized by Green Pea Press

unrequited snap

in progress shot Unrequited Love

woodcut, screenprint, mixed media

15″ x 19″

Exchange Portfolio Theme: Visions of Love

organized by CU Boulder BFA student Dakota Nanton.


January 2014

Small preview from my upcoming solo exhibition

Exploring the Terrain

Annetta Kraushaar Gallery, Texas Lutheran University, Seguin, TX

Artist Lecture and opening Reception, January 9, 3:30-6

bodyscape.valleyBodyscape: Valley

reductive woodcut and stencil screenprint


reductive woodcut, pronto plate and acrylic wash


Trace monotype

Exhibition dates: January 9 – February 28, 2014


UPDATE! this summer and fall were so busy and so SUCCESSFUL that i did not even have a chance to share these new pieces with you before they were GONE! ~ whew~

New mixed media Flowerscapes!

I am busy printing away this month at an awesome residency in Breckenridge, CO……

My finished pieces will be various combinations of stencil techniques, woodblocks, screenprint, stitching/sewing, encaustic wax, and more! Scroll down to catch glimpse of the pieces I made here in Breckenridge last year. And be sure to come out and see these in person at the Art Student’s League Summer Art Market event, June 9 and 10.

In the meantime, CLICK HERE to check out my studio shots page to view images of how the process unfolds.


Fall 2012

Treescapes Series

Monoprint, machine stitching, encaustic wax


August 2012

Venice donor prints

These limited edition prints were made just for my very special donors who helped send me to an artist’s residency Venice, Italy this past July/August.

Stencil Screenprint with woodcut

Essere in Vista

5″ x 5″

Nascosto alla Vista

7″ x 7″

A mio Avviso

9″ x 9″


May 2012

Flower Portraits

Mixed Media Monoprints – stencils, woodblock, stitching, encaustic wax


I made these little Woodsy Flower prints during my recent artist’s residency May 2012

The Tin Shop, in the Breckenridge Arts District, Breckenridge, CO

Purple Woodsy Flower

3 block woodcut

9″h x 6″w

Green Woodsy Flower

3 block woodcut

9″h x 6″w

Brown Woodsy Flower

3 block woodcut

9″h x 6″w


Moody Flowers

Plex Plate Intaglio

9″h x 6″w

Plex Plate Intaglio

9″h x 6″w


This body of work Chakra Series, produced for the Aspen Chapel Gallery annual Works on Paper show

April 4 – June 3, 2012

The background patterns are woodcut plates, each one designed from one of the 7 different chakras and corresponding colors in yoga philosophy. Chakras relate to the body’s energy centers, and describe a relationship between certain behavioral patterns and posture imbalances. The figures are stencil screenprints, and they are specific poses that have helped me though the healing process of some recent injuries.








These prints are 11×11″ and are for sale. Please email me for more info.



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